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Thursday, 14 May 2015


massive thank you to all of those who voted to return me to Westminster for the sixth time. Of course as, ever, I will do my best for all constituents and for this area, irrespective of how people voted. I will make a decision 3 years into this Parliament whether to stand once more, but as I am still enjoying the challenge and a mere boy at 59, I expect to do so.

Very few people saw the national result coming. In our household, after a dusty evening of knocking up voters for my next door colleague, a few of us were sitting in my front room eagerly awaiting the exit poll at 10pm. My jaw nearly hit the floor at the dramatic conclusion: promising a great night for my party. After so many polls in which we were neck and neck with Labour it was hard to believe. At Jan and I went down to the count, and apart from shuffling nervously around watching our own count (which concluded at 8 a.m.) we were able to follow events on the big screen at the Guildhall. It soon became clear that an outright majority was on the cards, even more dramatic than the exit poll had suggestedGeneral rejoicing amongst the blue team and gloom amongst the reds. The fact that Plymouth went completely blue was also unexpected. 

Parliament returns officially next Monday to re-elect the Speaker (or not as the case may be) and for us to all swear in individually. The following Wednesday (27th May) will be the state opening of Parliament and the Queen's speech which will set out the programme for government for the next 12 months. It promises to be radical.

Going around the polling stations as I usually do on the morning of the election, I did sense that people were voting in large numbers and picked up positive vibes from many as they left. That has not always been the case, and I did begin to wonder if something unexpected was happening. 

The Liberal Democrats have paid a very heavy (and unfair) price for being part of the coalition in the national interest and I hope they find a way forward. Their candidate against me,Tom Davies, was an exceptionally pleasant and talented individual and it would be the nation's loss if people like him could not find a foothold in modern politics.

Back to work with a vengeance.

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