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Thursday, 12 March 2015


My sincere congratulations to the leader of Plymouth City Council for being dubbed Councillor of the Year. I know he was quick to point to a team effort, but I am sure the award was merited.

For the first time in my lifetime, Plymouth is in serious danger of achieving its potential. This is due to the welcome alignment of a number of different stars. Government policy has secured the future of the dockyard and naval base, helped the University to blossom, delivered the transfer of south yard to the private sector and awarded us a City Deal that could transform our economic fortunes if we become the centre for marine renewable technologies.

The council currently has a talented crop of senior officers, well led by Tracey Lee who is a breath of fresh air, well guided politically by the aforementioned Councillor of the Year. The increasing roll-out of superfast broadband means that many small businesses are growing. Unemployment in my constituency is 0.9%.

So well done Plymouth. But I am not satisfied. Here is my wish list for the council for the next few weeks.

1) Stop selling off every parcel of green space in Plympton and Plymouth for development. We have accepted the new town at Sherford with its 5500 new homes. We are entitled to some green spaces in our suburbs.

2) Sort out new primary school places in Plympton. This year that nearly a dozen families were faced with sending their children to school outside this very self-contained community. If it was not for the new village school at Sparkwell offering places to some, it could have turned ugly. Policy makers need to sort this out before the next round of education admissions take place – i.e. very soon. 

3) Pick up the litter along the Parkway. I realise there is a debate with the Highways Agency as to who is responsible for this, but in the meantime all this rubbish is despoiling our city. Thousands of people drive along it every day, many of them potential visitors or investors. Even if it is not your responsibility, get some people out there today and couple of trucks and pick it up.

I feel better now that is off my chest. To return to my theme: Plymouth is doing well. It is a joint effort and many people are working hard to make sure that we build a city of which we can all be proud.

posted by Gary @ 09:51