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Thursday, 26 March 2015


If you know you were about to become silent, for whatever reason, what would your final words of wisdom be? That is the dilemma facing me this week. From Monday I will not be an MP as Parliament is dissolved, but will be campaigning to re-take this seat. I am grateful for the South Hams Newspapers for running with my articles and for many of you for responding to them. I hope to continue them after 7th May, all being well.

So what to say in my final fling? That one dollop of wisdom that must be communicated. I have decided to focus on a key message: I remain very optimistic about the next generation.

As I often make clear, going into schools and interacting with young people is close to the favourite part of my job. I know some have funny haircuts, although as someone who got married looking like Rod Stewart, I have no grounds for criticism. I know the language has changed. My parents never knew what I was talking about all those years ago when Radio Luxemburg was the source of all truth. Sometimes they get rowdy. I look back with horror at the cocky arrogance of my flared- trousered platform-shoed youth.

But the coming generation are as bright, responsible, interested, creative and impressive as they have ever been. I consistently meet young people who will hold their own in any walk of life and who are an absolute delight.

The future of our country is in safe hands.

But we have to prepare a way for them. I can think of three issues we oldies must get right.

1)    We have to better protect younger children from the negative influences of the internet. We never had to cope with so much information and so many powerful influences coming at us all the time. What we teach in our schools is now only a fraction of the forces that shape these young lives.

2)    We must not pass on our debt to their generation. We got ourselves into the current mess and they should not be asked to pick up the pieces.

3)    We must keep our economy strong so there are rewarding jobs for them, and build sufficient houses so our children and grandchildren have somewhere to live.

Their responsibility is to achieve their potential. Ours is to remove the boulders from their path. If re-elected it will be a high priority.

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