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Thursday, 14 July 2016


The last word on the shenanigans leading up to the leadership of my party and the country.

First of all: wow! What dramatic three weeks since the Brexit decision of 24 th June. In years to come political students will study that period as one of the most spectacular in our history. People in pubs and in living rooms up and down the country who do not normally discuss politics, have been talking about all of this passionately. Surely this is a good thing.

Politics is about how we run the country – it is about everything and it is unfortunate that most people sub-contract it to the anoraks who lap up all this stuff. Most people think about politics for three minutes a week, we are told. A shame as our democracy is what keeps our country strong.

We have a new Prime Minister. Theresa May. Nobody could say that she was not qualified or experienced enough having been Home Secretary for six years. Her premiership will be a sensible one. She will be tough in the negotiations with our EU partners and has the confidence to surround herself with the very best people. I am optimistic that in these times of great turbulence a she will be a steady hand on the tiller – just what we need, as we approach the rapids.

Some are asking whether this means an early election. I see no reason for her to go to the country now as she will simply implement the manifesto on which we were elected a year ago. It is possible that if EU negotiations get stuck next year and she can only bring back a deal far less satisfactory than the one most people are expecting, it is possible that a further mandate will have to be sought.

Much water to flow under that bridge over troubled water yet.

So after so much excitement a period of calm is breaking out. A reminder that our country is inherently stable. The PM resigns suddenly. People protest about a decision to Brexit that they reject. A leadership election plunges into chaos if not farce.

And yet there was no revolution. The army did not take control. Our constitution held. The rules were followed. The wheels turned and a new leader emerged, and this at a time when the opposition have descended into disarray.

Britain remains Great. We are blessed to live here. Let's not take it for granted.​

posted by Gary @ 10:08