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Thursday, 26 November 2015


The road network and around Plympton in recent weeks has been chaotic. The improvements at Deep Lane junction to pave the way for the main eastern road link into the new town at Sherford has been especially troublesome. We will all be relieved that this week the activity has gone to night time working which should ease rush-hour congestion. I am told it will all be complete by Christmas.

When complete, traffic coming from the Sherford direction will be able to turn right to go onto the A38 in the Plymouth direction without going over the fly-over and back again. Furthermore we should no longer see dangerous queues back onto the A38 from vehicles taking the Deep Lane junction from the east.

The new road being taken into the site of the new town off Haye road will be complete by Christmas and this should speed up flows in that busy piece of road. The amount of engineering that went into the retaining wall just inside the site is impressive. The traffic lights on the other Plympton to Brixton Road are also now defunct.

But 2016 will bring further disruption. The Langage side of the Deep lane junction will be receiving attention in the early months of 2016. The roundabout at that end will be replaced by traffic lights and additional lanes. When it is complete, traffic flows in that vicinity will be improved, but obviously in the meantime there will be disruption. Highways engineers have assured me it will all be done as quickly as smoothly as possible.

The one to watch will be the works to Stanborough Cross, the roundabout on the junction between Haye road and the A379 at Plymstock/Elburton. Again the roundabout is to be replaced by a complex traffic light system. That junction will be the main route into Sherford from the west. I cannot imagine that traffic flows in that vicinity will be easy when work begins in early 2016.

Work on the new town is gathering pace. A show home is to be opened as early as January 2016. The design of the new houses is delightful and there is every hope that the new town will be a very attractive place to live. The new primary school will open in September 2017 and the other facilities: doctors surgery, swimming pool and sports complex etc will be phased in over the next few years as set out in the planning agreement. 

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